The Media Monopoly?

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Imagine this:

A Muslim is detained on the charges of trying to blow up one of the biggest churches in America. The news is obviously covered extensively by all mediums possible; television channels show his mug shot pictures after almost every hour, international and local newspapers both cover the event as the Headline News, The Mainstream Digital Media is bombarded with videos and articles explaining how Terrorism is one of the greatest threats we face in the 21st century, the police officials who caught him are awarded with crowns and medals of glory, a public demonstration elaborating on the increasing extremism of Muslims is held…

Is the picture painted above justified?


Now, imagine this:

An American citizen, who happens to be a Christian, is caught for allegedly trying to blow up the biggest mosque in metro Detroit. The news is not covered on the International or National Television, No newspapers put the event forward, no articles published, no videos or information hits the Mainstream Digital Media, no glory or fame for the police officials who stopped the catastrophe, no public appeals or demonstrations…

Is the picture painted above justified?


Why is it that Media only covers what is makes Muslims the culprits or the brand ambassadors of Extremism? Why is it that Media finds a Muslim life being in danger at the hands of Christians not worthy of attention? Why is it that Media, one of the biggest instruments of change and democracy, is challenged by the racist stereotypes it claims to break? Why is it that Media continues to fall through the hoops of the Superpower’s underlined motives over and over again? Why is that Media can choose to indirectly dictate what, how, why and where we react? Why is it that Media can make these choices for us and not be held accountable? Why is that Media can get away with an irresponsible representation to its audience?

Spiderman’s uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Keeping this ideology in mind and the undeniable importance of Media in the 21st Century, think about all these questions. Are the answers really that cryptic?

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