Facebook Fan Pages Redesign

The much anticipated news is finally here: Facebook is redesigning Fan Pages which will allow the pages to look and operate like user profiles.

The new layout will be the most apparent and noticeable difference. The left hand menu used for editing and managing pages has been replaced by a new navigation menu. The information box found at the left side has also been removed and brand info can now be added at the top of the page right underneath the main title. The menu found at the right side has also been modified showing instead how many of the page admin’s friends have ‘liked’ the page and in line with the new profile layouts, relevant pictures will be visible at the top. These differences could give way to a lot of vivid creative uses of Facebook Pages and bring an entire new life to the same old design.

Page Admins can interact on Facebook as a page, not an individual. “A page can now use Facebook as if they were an individual with the ability to interact with other pages,” Rohit Dhawan, the lead product manager for Facebook Pages said. “It provides interesting content when people are visiting the page.”

An ‘Everyone’ filter has also been added which brings out the most popular and engaging posts from a page’s community and shows it at the top of the page. This makes the life of users and admins easier as they can now more easily than ever find and follow the most liked and commented posts.

The design has been launched today (11th February, 2011) and allows Page admins to preview what there page will look like once they launch the new design. A page tour and manual to elaborate on the design has also been launched. An automatic update to the new design will be made by March 10th.

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