2010 – Top Social Media Campaigns

  1. Many of us have heard the hunter trying to shoot a bear story. Tipp-Ex, a brand of correction fluid, has presented it in a whole new way by launching an interactive YouTube campaign which invites Application users to write and rewrite the video’s title.


2. Who hasn’t heard of the movie ‘The Last Exorcism’? Almost everyone saw the frightful video released before the movie’s           launch too as it achieved over 3 million views which largely contributed to the huge success of the movie at the Box Office.


3. Gillette came up with a viral video featuring Roger Federer which showed behind the scene footage. It got Gillette’s official channel 7.9 million views and comprises of Gillette’s 99% presence on Youtube.


4. Stirring the social media marketing platform with their Youtube Campaign, Old Spice set an example for the future times by generating over 69 million views. It was a 186 video campaign focusing on promoting this historic product from the old generations to the youth.


5. Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald, along with YouTube and LG wished to create an experimental documentary film which was to be shown in the Sundance Film Festival. The campaign’s concept was to see how July 24, 2010 was experienced by different people all around the world. A short film was created and posted it on YouTube. Over 81,000 people submitted their video entries to be included in the experimental film.


6. Thinking beyond the typical approach, Pepsi used social media to improve people’s social conscience rather than advertising their own product. The campaign was aimed at getting people to come up with innovative ways to refresh the world, submit them on Pepsi’s Refresh Everything , add them to Facebook and ask for votes. The best and the most popular and ideas would be funded by Pepsi.


7. Ikea wanted to open a Malmö store in Sweden for which it created an online showroom hosted on Facebook. This page gave people various options to look at the kind of products available in the site. The social media campaign also posted an impressive video on YouTube.

8. Microsoft’s Bing search engine advertised and gained a lot of popularity all on one day in 2010. Microsoft’s Bing advertised on Facebook’s extremely popular game called Farmville. Microsoft’s popularity grew by over 400,000.


9. Vitaminwater embarked on an interactive campaign that allowed Facebook fans to create their own flavors of Glaceau Vitaminwater, and announced that the winner of the best flavour would receive $5,000. As a social media campaign, this was a risk that worked well for the brand, because currently this page has over 2 million followers.


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