‘Like’ Vs ‘Share’?

After various updates to the ‘Like’ button, Facebook has finally changed its functionality to that of a Share button. Now when a user hits the Like button complete news feed with a headline, blurb and a thumbnail will appear on your profile’s wall. Moreover, users will also be able to add on their comments to the link which should increase the visibility of the liked post tremendously. In effect, the chances of a ‘liked’ post going unnoticed by viewers have decreased dramatically. This change is bound to make users think twice before liking something but at the same time is likely to increase traffic to publisher’s websites.

The official spokeswoman for Facebook reports to have said that the Share button will continue to exist and get developed by the Facebook Team but the Like button is the ‘recommended solution moving forward.’

So, what do you guys think about this latest update? Is it a change that you might ‘Like’ or not?

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