Coca Cola and Maroon 5

Coca Cola has initiated a crowdsourcing campaign which features Maroon 5 to be launched on 22nd March, 2011. The campaign idea is pretty fascinating: Maroon 5, in collaboration with Coca Cola, to open their studio for a 24 live hour streaming session covered via Facebook. The challenge is to produce a brand new song in a matter of those 24 hours.
Click here to launch the website and get more information.

The event can be attended on a special Facebook invite only but until now, only a few hours prior to the event, the video has been able to generate only a total of 7309 RSP’s and around 16, 400 comments on YouTube. In contrast, the International Coca Cola Facebook Fan page has more than 23 million fans which would make any observer or analyst anticipate about 100, 000 views for this campaign.

The question arises: Why is there such a sharp difference in the actual and expected numbers or figures?
Is it because the campaign has not been promoted enough?
Is it because branded crowdsourcing is too old a tactic?
Is it because the campaign didn’t have a marketable enough concept?

Feel free to share your opinions.

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  1. admin says:

    Our post-campaign analysis has brought us to the identification of the following reasons:

    1. The campaign wasn't global enough. Had Coca Cola included and emphasized on getting their fans from other parts of the world apart from Europe and USA on board, the outcome could have been reasonably higher.

    2. Social Media is supposed to empower people. This campaign told a fan exactly what to do, how to do it, where to do it which is likely to infuriate the user. The usage of Social Media platforms was too confined. Moreover, the campaign tried to incorporate both Twitter and Facebook which apparently did not gel in well together with the fans.

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