Guy Walks Across America

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Its a simple video of a guy Mike walking from New York to San Francisco and is names ‘Guy Walks Across America’. When it was released back in July 2010, many were of the opinion that Levi’s had missed a great opportunity to sponsor this extremely successful video which, at date, has received 2, 733, 562 views. Later it was found out that although the sponsor wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the credits or in the video itself, Levi’s was an undisclosed sponsor.
The obvious question which comes to mind after this thought is: But why was this information not shared with the audience in the first place? Had the video makers added that it was sponsored video, would it not have passed around as much? Would it not have gone crazy viral because it had a brand at its back? What do people care more about – the content of the video, the feeling of amazement the video evokes in a viewer or instead, the makers or possible sponsors of the video?
Now, a year later, have things really changed around? With the power of Social Media on the rise, transparency all around the globe has improved. And considering the popularity of the sponsored video Where the Hell is Matt, what have Marketeers really learned? In the year 2011 if a brand sponsors a viral video, do you guys think that they are in an effective position to disclose it without hurting the video’s possible success story?
What do you guys think?
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