Magnum brings you Digital Pleasure

Roll out the Red Carpet for one of the most innovative and creative Digital campaigns in the last few years: Magnum Pleasure Hunt Across the Internet.

Developed to promote Magnum’s Temptation Hazelnut Ice-Cream with the special ingredient Bon Bons. The idea is a simple game in which the player has to catch all 100 bon bons appearing on the screen and in the end, when the score is out, you can get on the leaderboard and share it on Facebook to challenge his friends. But there’s more to it than simplicity, there’s a graphic appeal, a design element, an excellent execution which doesn’t let the player get bored at any point of the game, great creative and an authentically fascinating production.

Although, its a bit too long in terms of the time it consumes which doesn’t motivate people to play again but what bad is it if it doesn’t let you get bored, at all? Eh? What do you guys think?

Here’s a video to give you an overall idea of the game although we STRONGLY suggest that you go play the game and check it out for yourself.


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