QR Code Haircut

Unilever’s Clear Shampoo in Thailand has resulted in more than 10m hits. With the Campaign the Brand wished to increase the awareness about healthy scalps, create a massive digital buzz (both online and offline) without a huge media spend while at the same time, promote Unilever’s latest hair care product effectively. Lowe Thailand took upon the challenge and came up with a truly different idea: Get QR codes carved on people’s heads and use QR codes popularity with their Brand.

The Idea’s a little crazy and over-the-edge but getting models walking around Bangkok with a QR haircut sure created a huge buzz and got a lot of people inquisitive about the Clear Shampoo. It went pretty viral and successful, especially after the participation of a local TV celebrity Terng Pradon, generating over $10 m in free advertising while costing only a small fraction of a traditional ad.

Now that sure is an innovative use of the QR codes for marketing purposes! What do you guys say?


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