How intense a competition is Google+ for Facebook?

We all know that Facebook overtook Google to become the Most Visited Website in 2010.

We’ve all heard that Facebook hit 500 Million users (becoming the largest Social Network in the world) and aimed for 1 Billion users worldwide.

We’ve all been a part of Google’s attempt on Social Networking and the recent buzz of Google+ and its services since the roll out of invites to Beta users.

So, who’s gonna be the new king of Social Media is the question we’re all inquisitive about. We all want to know and see if people, in time, will adapt to Google+ (after the failure of Google’s ‘Buzz’) and shift from Facebook. We all want to analyze if Google+ will go commercial and try to provide a platform for Brands worldwide. We all want to predict what will be Facebook’s move for competing and overcoming the Google+ Tide.

Following are  the results of some of the polls conducted regarding Google+ and Facebook:

The most popular answer goes in favor of Google+ and most voters predict it to give a real tough competition to Facebook.

Here’s a Fun Summary:

No Doubt, Google+ has some very innovative Ideas and Solutions for Social Networking:

1. Better Privacy Settings by enabling Micro-Target Sharing – Easily share photos, links, or posts with only select friends (via Circles)

2. Plan details of an event with live video chat – Group Video Chat For Up to 10 People (via Hangouts)

3. Watch a YouTube video in Real-Time with friends (via Hangouts)

4. Curate Content based on your interests (via Sparks)

5. Instantly Upload Photos and Videos to the cloud, but decide later how to share them (via Mobile)

6. Group SMS is now possible (via Huddle)

Here’s Popular Opinion:

“Google+ really seems to be primed to make good on that original premise–that everything gets better when its social. And unlike FB, Twitter, or anyone else, Google already has the most advanced set of products. And if I can clearly see where this is headed, then I think what we are getting is a much better Google. Does that kill FB/Twitter? Who cares? I’d use all 3, but more importantly, I’ll be using Google products I never used, or use them in new, better ways I never used them before,” Tom Anderson of MySpace.

Google has a shot, but only because they’re Google and have a lot of market power,” said Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group. “They can’t be counted out. But it’s going to be very difficult and they’re going to need some luck. Facebook is massive and very well established and Google hasn’t had to fight from behind for a long time. Can they still do it?”

Also: “Do people have enough time for another social network? We’ll see, I guess. But it seems if anyone could take on Facebook, it would be Google.”

We think Google+ has a lot of potential but it will take quite a bit of time before it overtakes Facebook or even starts to compare to the Gigantic Social Network’s size. Although, it might as well turn out to be a death-call for Skype and hurt Microsoft which recently purchased Skype for $8.5 Billion. However, there are quite a few things that Facebook can do to cope up with the assumed competition from Google+:

1. Introduce New Features (the way they introduced places, deals and groups)

2. Copy the idea of ‘Circles’ somehow and integrate it effectively

3. Improve Their App Quickly (enhance and significantly improve the Mobile experience.  Hint: Project Spartan)

4. Get Music Streaming Live (like Spotify)

5. Start Playing Ball With Apple (Curb the rise of Android and Google+)

6. Win The PR War (unlike the Anti-Google Smear Campaign. Hint: Use the Zuckerberg card instead of Burson-Marsteller)

7. Explore the possibility of Social Browsers like RockMelt.

That’s what we’ve got. What do you guys think?

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  1. Roshan Ejaz says:

    My vote is with Google+

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