Latest Facebook Application: Report Card

Here’s one of the hottest and latest Facebook Applications: Report Card for your Facebook Profile based on number of friends, photos, status updates, links, videos and likes.

The stats suggest that people are really enjoying the idea and having fun comparing their grades with other friends as the application has crossed over 490,000 monthly users. Maybe the reason for its success is simple: Break the walls between the offline and online world by integrating the practices of the real world with the virtual world.

Do try it and let us know how you guys find it!

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2 Responses to "Latest Facebook Application: Report Card"

  1. Mehul Virani says:

    Firstly i want to thank you because before some months you wrote an article about my first facebook applicaion (www.fbreportcard.com), and it is till having a very good number of users.

    now i have created another cool site for facebook timeline covers.
    I guess that you are familier with facebook timeline.
    (otherwise check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzPEPfJHfKU)

    while i am writing this, facebook released this awesome timeline feature for new zealand users. and it’ll release world wide very soon.

    so,if you can review myfbcover.com and write an article, it will be very helpful for me :)

    -mehul virani

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