BranchOut: Creating LinkedIn on Facebook

On it’s 1 Year Anniversary we’d like to talk about the Facbeook App: BranchOut.


It’s a fact that 80% of new  jobs come  through direct  networking. The Facebook  App  ‘BranchOut’ helps you  create direct networking and  use your Facebook contacts  for job hunts,  recommend or  endorse people, build and  maintain  professional  contacts. It helps you  expand your  career network to include absolutely  everyone  you know on  Facebook. It’s an incredibly  powerful  tool — but also a  lot of fun to explore.

Every time a Facebook  friend joins BranchOut, you  see where they used to work, where they work now,  and where their friends work. You’d be surprised  how many connections you have at companies  you’ve always wanted to work at — all through  friends of friends. If you’re looking for your dream job, these connections can open the door.

Not only that, you can help your friends get the jobs they want and make yourself look good while you do it. Have an open position you need to fill with the perfect candidate? Post it to our job board and take the guesswork out of hiring. Your friends can recommend people they know and trust.

Don’t you guys think its an excellent way to integrate LinkedIn on Facebook? It might be too soon to compare it to LinkedIn but it does seem to have an incredible potential considering that in the last one year of its existence, BranchOut has hosted over 3 million job vacancies on the app and are active in 60 countries and ten languages, with a somewhat vague ‘millions of users according to Inside Facebook. Moreover, if LinkedIn has 100 million users, BranchOut because of its advantage of being on Facebook has 750 million users. Here’s a Graph which might be taken to illustrate their growth:

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