Google+ will beat Facebook and Twitter at Social Media. Really!?!

With Google+ hitting 20 Million users (including 5 million users from US,  and 2.85 million users from India)  in a record time of only 3 weeks, many are predicting that this is not only going to win over Facebook and Twitter but also start a Social Phenomenon. What’s more, a Human Evolution revolutionizing the way Internet has been used. While some of these claims seem justified and are based on actual data, some of them are just far-off, aimless shots in the air giving way to a Google+ hype.

The following graph has been popularly circulated via online sources these last few days,

At first glance, this graph may look like there’s nothing stopping Google+ from becoming the Social Media King (Read: Queen, too) but it’s growth seems un-natural and completely non organic. Also, many users found their accounts deleted this Friday which led them to lose all the data they had on their Social Profile. Here’s how one dissatisfied user responded to this action which shows that Google’s approach of deleting accounts in an attempt to control Spam, wasn’t a very intelligent move after all. Moreover, Google+ says, much to the dismay of users and businesses, that introducing official Pages for Brands might take a few more months. Google Group Product Manager Christian Oestlien writes, “Doing it right is worth the wait” but how much patience will brands be able to fathom without backtracking to Facebook is an important consideration too, no?

An effective shout-out for Google+ would include a collaboration of Brand Pages, Online Gaming (as hints have been dropped in their source code and help pages) and an integration of other Google Services like Calendar and Docs. For now, Google+ seems to be high on generating traffic but its working as a half-cooked meal. The technology is strong. The solutions to the non-technical challenges are weak. Google would have to be better, way better, than this to really beat Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s an illustration that might help you look beyond the numbers and figures making Google+ Rocking:

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