Hotel connects Users to Facebook in the Real World

What good is a vacation if you don’t get to share your exclusive moments with your friends, family and acquaintances instantly? A hotel in the European summer clubbing capital IbizaUshuaia Beach Hotel to be precise, using RFID Technology and a creative integration with Social API’s, has enabled users to carry out Facebook activity in the real world while enjoying themselves on this vacation spot!

All guests have to do is wear a wrist band, given at the time they check-in, match it up with their Facebook profile and there, you can have a good time while only swiping your band against many RFID points that the hotel has set up all around the place. The benefit from the hotel’s perspective is that all these people having fun are sharing content with their friends who are likely to make a booking in the futuhan re. Well, Free Advertising hardly gets any better than this, right=)?

It can be safely concluded that RFID Technology and Augmented Reality will continue to become more and more mainstream and are most likely to formulate the future of Social Media and Digital Marketing.


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