Using Social Media to help Smokers quit Smoking – A Smart, Innovative & Creative Concept

How about using Social Media and peer pressure of your friends to help smokers quit smoking? Miami school of advertising has brought the home one of the most innovative and creative answers to this question!

Anybody who wants to quit smoking needs to download the app and it becomes a game with your friends, all gathered up to support you and who can even win or lose money depending on how much success they have with getting you to quit.

Here’s what they’ve gotta say about their Campaign’s official video:

Shocking anti-smoking campaigns don`t really work. So here is a different way to help people quit smoking. Many people started smoking because of peer pressure. So if their friends could get them smoking, they can also make them quit.

The concept is still a little rough around the edges and a few facts and figured need to be edited up but apart from these small mistakes, the concept and use of Social Media is well…pretty awesome!



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