Maynards Candy: Become the new face of candy!

Marketing Campaigns which need you to upload pictures or videos might be plenty but Maynards Candy have taken your facial  importance to the next level by immortalizing it in its sweets!

The Make your Face a Maynards competition is running up in Canada and is underway on the company’s Facebook Page.  All a  fan needs to do is upload a photo while the people back there will cut your head off the photo and transform it into one of  Maynard’s more popular flavours: Sour Patch Kids, Fuzzy Peach, Sour Cherry Blasters or Swedish Berries. You can  also toggle  image brightness and contrast before saying why your face would be the perfect match for Maynards. After  creating the faces,  users can create a virtual custom pack design to show off their new look.

The people at Maynards will select the top ten faces which will be shown on the Facebook page from October 17th. However,  instead of the voting system which is usually used for similar online activities, the winner will be decided through a random  draw. The person who wins will receive $5,000, a trip for two to Toronto for a photo shoot, a tour of the Maynards  factory and  a year’s supply of Maynards sweets featuring the winner’s face. The competition is open until September  30th.

Currently, the Maynards page has 70,462 likes which shows that the brand has been pretty successful in enhancing its Social  Media rating. Thumbs up! Do let us know what you guys think about the unique idea!

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