Augmented Reality via Chocolate Bar Packaging

Cadbury has launched an Augmented Reality gaming app that is activated via their chocolate bar packaging! The game is called Spots v Stripes and it uses Blippar’s image recognition technology and Augmented Reality app platform.

The game is pretty easy to play, all one has to do is smack the ducks as fast as one can. The best score can then be shared socially. You can download the app for FREE from the Android Market and Apple App Store to play the game NOW!

Do let us know what you guys think about the initiative!

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2 Responses to "Augmented Reality via Chocolate Bar Packaging"

  1. Amer Sarfraz says:

    Interesting idea, would have been better if there was something else to it as well, for instance, a link at the end that takes you to some micro-site or the Facebook page to know more about the product, enter some contest or something else.

    Would have been better if you shared the message that gets shared with the score. Could possibly clear the viral factor.

  2. Sidra Zia says:

    True. This App could have very effectively been used as the build-up leading to an expansive Online or Social Media Activity.

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