Coca Cola prints Fan Names on Coke Bottles

Coca Cola, often known for their innovative and inspirational viral campaigns have come up with a whole new campaign in Australia by the name of ‘Share a Coke’ which replaces its brand name on its bottles with 150 different names in the run up to Christmas.

150 of the most common names have been printed on bottles which are being solt at retail outlets and here’s the even more amazing bit: each name comes with a song which can be downloaded through the Coca-Cola’s Australian Facebook Page.

In the months of October and Novermber fans can get their names printed for free at any one of 18 Westfield Shopping Centres.  Along with these ideas, Facebook fans can create their very own commercial for Coke using the pictures in their Facebook albums while also share a virtual coke to be eligible to win $50, 000 to share with their friends.

Coca-Cola are hoping that this campaign will be a viral hit and – having invested $5 million into it – that over 268 million bottles and cans will be sold over the next three months. When the campaign reaches December, the campaign will change to ‘share a Coke with Santa,’ with can then showing Rudolph and other reindeer names instead of the 150 names in previous months.

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