Most Innovative Digital Campaigns [October, 11]

Following is our collection of  the most innovative campaigns and ideas put forward in the Digital Arena in the last one week (October 20th to 27th, October):

1. Nike and Explosive Water Projections

Nike has created something truly different and impressive digital effects for your eyes at the launch of their new Jordan Melo M8 shoe with the usage of Projection Mapping in Water:

2. VW: Juiced Up

Volkswagen has come up with the biggest re-vamp of their classic Beetle and this campaign is a pretty unique way to say hello to the 2012 Beetle. Many standard billboards and traditional print-based ads of the car have been put up. But what’s the catch? Well, the twist is that every ad has an Augmented Reality marker. All you’ve gotta do is download the VW Juiced up App, point your tablet or a smart phone and enjoy a pretty exciting 3D experience with the car. Take a look:

3. Eddy Terstall: Turn your Tweet into Personal Mini Movie

Collecting donations isn’t the easiest thing in the world. For a dutch filmmaker Eddy Terstall who required 20,000 Euros for  his new project called ‘Deal’, fundraising seemed like the biggest challenge ever. Then Eddy had an epiphany for generating donations: get a mini-movie based on your tweet in return for your donation. The idea went big, creating a digital buzz all over the country, and surpassed the target of 20, ooo Euros by reaching almost 120, 000 Euros. Here’s the illustrated story:

4. Red Bull: Control the Racing Game with your Facial Expressions

Red Bull has released the 3D online face tracking racing game called “Red Bull Formula Face”. Players can control their car by tilting and moving their heads and if they go all creative and strange with their facial expressions, they can also earn extra power and points. The concept looks something definitely worth testing:

5. Use Facebook or Twitter to generate your own Personal Portrait

Use Social Media platforms to create your very own personal portrait after which you can get it printed out or tag it along on the official website where all others have been put up too. All uploaded portraits are entered into a competition and the one with the most Facebook likes will be turned into  a huge billboard in your hometown. A smart campaign idea as it gives power back to consumers:

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