The Best Social Media Campaigns of 2011

2011 saw a drastic change towards Social Media. It was just not about gathering number of Facebook “Likes” anymore or adding up the views of a video; essentially, this year Social Media Marketing went “Social”. It stepped closer to the actual and true definition of ‘Social’ Media. Therefore, The Best Social Media Campaigns of 2011 were innovative and used the functionality of Social Media effectively.

Obermutten, Switzerland

The small town of Obermutten in Switzerland generated a Facebook Sensation when the mayor launched a Facebook Page while promising that anyone and everyone who ‘liked’ the page would have their profile pictures up on the town’s real message board. The Page generated over 14, 000 fans and the Regional Tourism Department has seen quite a spike with their official website experiencing an increase of 250%


Heinz launched a Social Media campaign right at the start of cold and flu season. Using the Heinz Facebook App, fans could send their regards and wishes to their unwell friends with a can of cream of tomato or chicken soup. For $3 the can which was delivered to the recipient with his name inscribed inside along with a “Get Well Soon” greeting with the sender’s name. What an awesome way to warm up relationships in these winters!


Volkswagen enabled fans to use a Facebook App and vote for their favorite classic car (the T1 or Beetle) and win a chance to get the “Fanwagen” with all its social features: print a Facebook Newsfeed in the fanwagen and display relationship status on the license plate.


Diesel used QR Codes to generate a Social Media Campaign which combines on-ground customer experience with their virtual profiles on Facebook. Excellent integration of Facebook Sharing with real life shopping and a brilliant usage of QR Codes.


Levi’s created a Water Tank in a Facebook Game  to educate fans about water conservation. The more fans played the game, the better they got at it and the more they shared news of the game with their friends virtually. Consequently, the more litres of water they unlocked in the game which combined the aggregate to Levi’s 200m litre goal, at which Levi’s donated $250, 000 to Water.org.

Old Spice

The Social Media Campaign launches in 2010 went so well for Old Spice that in 2011 they launched a brand revival with their viral video Old Spice Man vs Fabio. YouTube views increased drastically and the campaign went crazy viral.


KLM created two memorable social media campaigns this year.  KLM Live, in which KLM employees ran around with giant alphabets to produce live responses to tweets and KLM Surprise which involved hunting passengers down and giving them gifts.


This was one of the most out-of-the-box campaigns of the year and it was very successful too. Internships.com used a Hollywood Star’s profile meltdown to their advantage and as Charlie Sheen split from “Two and a Half Men” and began his Twitter rants about tiger blood and #winning, the year-old company paid for Sheen to seek out an intern.


Ford came up with its Spokespuppet Campaign represented by Doug which was launched with a Facebook Page. Doug got himself over 43, 000 fans over 1.5m views on YouTube. He represented the all-new feel of Ford and engaged fans with conversations about the redesign very effectively.


Intel and Toshiba came up with “The Inside Experience” which was an interactive movie/social-media campaign featuring Emmy Rossum as Christina Perasso, who’s been abducted and can only transmit clues about her location via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on the laptop she’s been left with. Fans had to collaboratively unravel the mystery with the clues provided.

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