8 Interesting & Innovative Social Media Campaigns to Learn From

What Makes a Marketing Campaign truly successful? Its combination of hitting its targeted consumers in an attention-grabbing way while incorporating the brand with the process Here are some of the most interesting and innovative Marketing Ideas found on the Facebook Profiles of some of the world’s most loved brands:

AXE Anarchy: First Comic Created in Real Time

Axe are launching the first comic to be created in real time, by you! This graphic novel will have content crowdsourced from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Each suggestion or decision you make can be shared through social networks. Check it out!

 BMW: Make It Yours

Wanna see how BMW 3 Series Sedan would look with your personal touch? Use this Application to configure it according to your wishes; give it your paint finish and select its wheel. Make BMW yours here.

Levi’s Go Forth

Levi’s is on a mission. They’re on a look-out for creative, courageous, selfless individuals who are working (in various fields) to make the world a better place. The Campaign encourages users to join Levi’s on this noble search as they continue to support the pioneers of this planet — courageous individuals who are tackling the greatest challenges of our time. Here’s a way to go forward.

L’Oreal: Never Fake It Again

L’Oreal wants you to take a pledge. Women are known to ‘fake it': from their sex lives to their outwardly appearance. L’Oreal wants you to take a pledge that you will never fake it AGAIN. This is a promotional campaign running for their Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. Take a vow.

 Nokia: The Amazing Everyday

Nokia, in order to promote their phone set Lumia, have rolled out a YouTube show by the name of “The Little Amazing Show” which appreciates and puts forward little stories of ordinary people doing something amazing. It is a celebration of what the brand claims to associate with the phone: the Amazing. Here’s where they’ve incorporated the Amazing into their Facebook Profile. 

Pepsi: Feeding America

Pepsi, has teamed up with 7-Eleven, to help feed America. Their Facebook Profile encourages users to refresh themselves with a cool Pepsi and give back to America with their purchase of Pepsi. For every 20 oz. Pepsi bought from 7-Eleven a 5 ¢ Donation will be made to FeedingAmerica.org. They have incorporated Facebook places in their campaign pretty exclusively by asking users to check into Facebook Places and double their donation. Here’s where you can make a difference:

Red Bull: Games and Apps

Red Bull has dedicated one of their Facebook’s Splash Pages to their various interesting Red Bull Games and Mobile Games. But what’s more is the even more fun idea by the name of Drunkish Dials where they’ve uploaded some of their favorite random drunk-messages. Quite a refreshing and fun way to get fans’ attention to your Page. Give it a hear:

Samsung: Create My Tweet

Samsung’s Campaign Create My Tweet is an attractive way to get your fans’ attention and keep them hooked to your Facebook Page. To promote their Mobile Galaxy Note, Samsung featured four artists which create visuals based on the tweets made by fans with the hash #createmytweet. The Tweet Art created (visible in the Tweet Gallery) shows the artwork made by these artists on the Mobile Galaxy Note. That’s an arty way to use Social Media creatively:

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