Are the Top Brands on Google+ growing faster than brands on Twitter?

Here’s a statistical comparison done by Socialbakers’ which shows the most popular brands on social networking platforms specifically Facebook, Twitter and (yes, make way people) Google+. The research shows Google+ brands are growing their fan base even faster than brands on Twitter. What does this trend really mean for Social Media? Will it continue to reflect on brands like this?

Socialbakers’ conclude one thing that they’ve found previous: which is that for different social networks there’s a different dynamic to the way fans engage. Moreover, this data comparison also depicts that for media companies, its currently going to remain Facebook and Twitter while their presence on Google+ remains somewhat passive. While Google+ still lags behind Facebook,  for brands, Google + should be the next place to be.

In a nutshell, with the significance of Social Media increasing rapidly, brands should focus on all platforms, obviously but focus particularly on those that bring you good results. And Google +, at least as far as Socialbakers’ analysis go, is in a pretty good place and might as well (some day far off in future) get the second biggest place in Social Media if not the first.

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