YOU vs. CAT: The First Tablet Game You Can Play With Your Cat

Friskies, the cat food brand, have over 1 Million fans on their Official Facebook Page and in the past have come up with unique, almost bizarre, campaigns like Friskies Plus Playhouse and Apps like Cat Fishing and Jitter Bug. And in their case, bizarre does wonders!
Now, they’ve come up with an app (integrated on their Facebook Page) which allows you to play against your cat! Its the first ever tablet games that puts Humans vs Cats, called ‘You vs. Cat’. It is available for download on iTunes and the game is a simple one, in which you and your cat need to score goals against each other.

The app shows real-time score of humans vs cats and right now, cats are winning by about 50, 000 points. Way to go humans and way to go Friskies=)

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