Cadbury Initiates a Virtual Olympics Parade to Support Team GB

Adding up to the Olympics buzz and hype, Cadbury has launched the ‘Cadbury Keep Team GB Pumped Parade’ showing support for the British Olympic athletes up to London 2012. Cadbury UK’s Facebook Page allows users to view the virtual parade using a Facebook App and also lets users create an avatar to join the parade.

Users have the option of choosing the gender, outfit and accessories of the avatar they create. Also, everyone who joins in the virtual march is automatically entered into a weekly draw to win tickets to the Olympics. Obviously, users are encouraged and provoked to invite their Facebook and Twitter friends, and also invited to post or share pictures of their avatars to their Facebook wall. This would not only gain support for the team GB but also help increase the Visibility of the App to the friends of fans.

Its a good idea but whether it will be able to bring the British nation together to support their Olympic team is something online time will tell.

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