Domino’s ‘Social Pizza': Adding a Virtual Facebook Pizza to the Real Menu

Domino’s Pizza Australia has launched a Facebook Campaign by the name of ‘The Social Pizza’ based on an app which allows the half Million fans connected to the Page to create a custom-made pizza.

Fans will participate in the campaign by voting for their most liked crusts, sauces and ingredients and these popular selections will be added to the pizza. This virtual pizza, comprising of the most favored features will be put up on the Domino’s menu for fans to try it out for real. Fans will also have the chance to win $1k by naming the pizza.

This is a good way to use the Facebook Community for create something unique and very likely to go hit when launched. Essentially, its a great way to experiment crowd sourced products from a sales perspective. Whether it goes as big and social as expected will be apparent in due time.

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