Most Creative and Awesome Marketing Campaigns of Last Week

Levi’s: ‘We are Explorers’ puts an Elephant in Jeans

While visiting the city Jaipur in India Denizen® Explorers Lorena and Nawed took part in the Holi Festival celebrated at the start of spring. They were looking for inspiration for the future editions of Levi’s and were hit by a wave of colorful inspiration. India was their first stop where the explorers put an elephant into jeans. With the help of local tailors, they designed a comfortable wrap-around that looks like a pair of jeans to fit the 200-inch waistline of their special elephant friend Lakshmi. China and Pakistan are rumored to be their next stops=)


Coke’s Happiness Refill Gives Out Free Internet Access in Brazil

Coca Cola came up with a soda machine on Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro where instead of a drink the machine serves up free mobile internet access. Considering the youth and the huge number of pre-paid connections, free Internet is a wonderful idea=) The user has to press his phone against the tap to receive data credits for free internet navigation on an exclusive Coca-Cola mobile browser.


 Intel® Ultrabook™ Temptations – The Hardest Punch Wins a Laptop

Intel Indonesia launched a new campaign aiming to show how very durable their laptops are by asking people to beat up a Thai punch bag. Passersby were asked to punch or kick the bag as hard as they could, and the punch which was the hardest would be able to unlock an Intel Ultrabook prize.
The campaign appealed particularly to men as they got to show their macho side and everyone around them took photos or recorded videos. The content was shared around the Social Media Web massively and the official video itself has already generated over a million views. Quite a smart campaign indeed!


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