Wall’s Share Happy: From Australia to Pakistan

In 2010 Unilever made the world’s first smile-activated vending machine for their brand Wall’s. Augmented Reality drew people in and showed their faces with goofy mustaches and other comical features. The consumer was then prompted to make a big smile with the “smile-o-meter” measuring his or her grin. A photo was taken and uploaded to the user’s Facebook account (with due permission). The user could then pick out an ice cream by using a touchscreen interface. Quite an innovative way to associate and reflect the brand’s philosophy of sharing happiness with the brand itself.

In 2012, they’ve taken their campaign “Share Happy” to a whole new level. On their main website, you are prompted to choose the various countries where this campaign applies and yes, the list is pretty long with a few countries missing (for which a dedicated website has not been made).

In Australia they’ve started Share Happy Videos recorded live from their recording spots around in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Passers-by are prompted to record a 360 degree rotating video of themselves and then visit the Streets Share Happy site to find their video on YouTube and share them via Social Media Websites (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus primarily).
The videos are pretty colorful which makes them stand-out and attractive. Everyone in the videos looks like they’re really enjoying themselves, and the promoters have made sure that almost everyone in the videos are holding ice-creams, so they’re staying on message.

In many other countries websites, including UK, Italy, Netherlands, ‘Happy Videos’ have been uploaded depicting the brand’s message of sharing happiness. While in other countries like Denmark and France, ‘Smile Machine’ has been uploaded and in a few others like Polska and Turkey the idea of ‘Happier Planet’ has been shared.

In Pakistan, Wall’s started up their Share Happy Campaign two weeks before Valentine’s Day and used the First Movers Strategy. Since then, they have used billboardsm print ads and social media to boast the campaign and spread their message of share happy.
While the video showing the Share Happy machine has some flaws and feels made up and despite the overall critique that Open Happiness has been the brand message of Coke Pakistan, we think the idea’s awesome and the execution well worth an applause. Have a look.


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