Google Business Group (GBG) Lahore

Google Business Group (GBG) started its Lahore chapter this Saturday (May 26th, 2012) by gathering business people, bloggers and internet marketeers at Arfa Technology Park, Lahore.
It was an introductory event  where Mr. Amer Sarfraz (VP and Partner at a leading digital agency by the name of Bramerz) talked about the growing importance of the online medium for businesses, Mr. Badar Khushnood (Country Correspondent of Google for Pakistan) introduced the relevance of Google products in the local as well as international market and Mr. Abdul Aziz (from Lumensoft) highlighted his success story based on Google Adwords. The future course of the event and the background of those presenting was also discussed.
Here are some of the most important takeaways of the meet-up:
1. Content and the need for content have not changed but the access to information through Internet usage has changed.
2. With over 20 Million internet users in Pakistan, Social Networking and quering on Google has increased tremendously.
3. Mobile phones are fast replacing computers for internet needs with 20% of the search queries originating from mobile platforms. And as 3G arrives (hopefully this year) the internet community should witness a sharp surge in mobile phone internet usage.
4. 16.9 Million read print version of newspapers in a population of more than 180 million people. There is an increased trend of looking for information online.
5. In 2011, Pakistan imported some 300,000 Android based handsets which are of course internet enabled. Whereas, there are a few more than 60, 000 active Blackberry handsets in Pakistan today. 
6. Money laundering and flawed financial policies in Pakistan is the reason why PayPal stays away from Pakistan. However,  Google plans to extend payment from credit card alone to other channels in the country which should ease the mode of payment for online trading.
Google Business Group is establishing separate chapters for all the big cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad etc. you can get their latest information from GBG’s Facebook Page.
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  1. Umar Hafeez says:

    Very informative event, I was there on Saturday and I’ve great time with Amer Sarfraz and Badar Khushnood both are very great speakers, hope to participate in future events of GBG Lahore and to heard more success stories from other speakers and audience.

  2. Nyc Summary of the event updated.. Good Luck for future. :)

  3. Saad Malik says:

    Good article
    i also tried something
    check it out and please give feedback thank you

  4. Akif Shamim says:

    When are they coming to Islamabad!
    Article is written nicely but you need to fix your presentation of content. Good luck!

    • Sidra Zia says:

      I think the meet-up took place in Islamabad a few days back. But that’s only to the best of my knowledge. A better place to re-route specific questions regarding GBG would be their Social Media profiles, which have mentioned in this blog post too!

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