Coke’s ‘Hai Yaqeen’ Campaign: An Analysis

Coke Studio Season 5 hit Pakistan on May 3rd, 2012 and was shortly followed by Coke’s local adaptation with the tagline ” hai yaqeen tou khulain khushian” of their global marketing campaign ideas of “open happiness” and “reasons to believe”.

Although, relative to the performance records of Coke Studio’s previous Seasons, this year has not been going all too well, as many criticize that the songs released until now, have not been able to maintain the set musical standards. Nonetheless, the fan following for this unique and cultural Marketing initiative has a long and loyal history. So much so, that Coke’s campaign aimed at promoting positivity in Pakistan hasn’t really been able to win the spotlight. Therefore, an obvious timing clash with of the ‘Hai Yaqeen’ campaign with ‘Coke Studio’ seems like an understandable obstacle.

Another problem the campaign faces, despite being conceptualized and executed beautifully, is that the online ads have been re-directing fans to the Hai Yaqeen Facebook Application which has been integrated with Coke’s International Facebook Page. For many local fans, this has been a source of discontentment and disillusionment as application users don’t feel a Pakistani connect anywhere in the apparently otherwise  “patriotic application”.
The print Ad execution, on the other hand, is quite brilliant and despite some criticizing how everything had been overly-branded, the booklet ‘101 Reasons To Believe In A Better Pakistan’ looks attractive, well designed and puts effectively brands Coca Cola as a source of optimism and happiness.
Eventually, with Ramazan just about the corner, things might tend to evolve for this campaign but it is highly doubtful that it will, in any way possible, begin to over-shadow the media hype given to Coke Studio, no matter how well or badly this season goes. Here’s my opinion, let me know what you guys think.

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3 Responses to "Coke’s ‘Hai Yaqeen’ Campaign: An Analysis"

  1. Bushra Hameed says:

    Interesting Analysis. I like the Indian adaptation of this idea better, though.

  2. Aleena Arshad says:

    Good post! Thanks for sharing it! If you could add some images of billboards used by Coke for this campaign and coke studio, that’d be great.

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