Is Zong REALLY the most beloved Telecom Brand on Social Media?

Zong calls its loyal Facebook fans Zongers and with the highest number of Facebook fans, claims that it is ‘fastest growing and the most beloved Telecom Network on Facebook in Pakistan’. The page’s cover photo also implies how Zong has given each of the 500, 000 Facebook fans a reason to smile.
With other official Telecom Pages like Simply Mobilink, Telenor Pakistan, Official Warid, having less than 100,000 fans  on board, Zong’s achievement of gathering these many fans speaks much in itself. However, the somewhat funny part is that Ufone’s official Facebook Page contains over 550,000 fans. This number in itself makes the Ufone community bigger. But does ‘big’ really synonymous to most engaging or so to say, most beloved? I, for one, don’t think so.
Ufone’s higher number of fans can be explained from the awesome TVCs they have been bringing into the Pakistani Market since so many years now. The brand therefore, is well enjoyed by the public and its fan following is understandably high. However, as far as social media engagement is concerned, the page has an average of 4500 people talking about it whereas Zong’s page has an average of over 15,000.
Zong’s Digital strategy seems a lot more powerful, over-whelming and successful than Ufone’s. Many tactics that Zong is using on its Facebook page are worthy of praise and make the best use of social media. For example, the incorporation of Zong’s branding into the status updates on the page have been done so creatively that the user not only engages with the page but is also motivated to put forward his contribution/comment/suggestion.
More importantly, the post frequency of Ufone (at average) is about 3 days whereas Zong’s average is about 13 hours. This also increases Zong’s chances of showing up in their fan’s Newsfeed and improve their chances of engagement anyway.
In addition to all this, Zong’s strategy to hold  Zong United Kickoff Tournament and take 32 young footballers to Manchester United Soccer School for training  was met well, especially by the residents of the not-so-popular cities of Pakistan (which, as per my analysis, is the biggest audience catered to by Zong). Another interesting thing on Zong’s page are the pictures that put up news and pictures of their marketing team (esp. the digital team) of Zong. This is a new one actually because not a lot of Pakistani brands, in the attempt to portray their brand effectively lose out the feeling of human touch completely and people can’t relate to them anymore. Showing your back-up team, for me, is a good move for it allows people to connect personally with the human side of a brand.
As a conclusion, i am convinced that Zong’s aim and concentration on digital has been fruitful enough to make it the fastest growing and most beloved telecom brand on social media in Pakistan. Let me know what you guys think guys.

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