UEFA 2012 Euro Cup App: Live Streaming, Latest Football Updates and More!

Pakistan is more of a Cricket-nation than Football enthusiasts. But over the last few years, our love for Football has grown (especially amongst the youth) and with the Euro Cup in action, many of us are always trying to keep up with the match schedule, latest update on the score, news on our favorite team and most of all, live streaming!
If this is all you’re looking for during this awesome Football tournament, then UEFA Euro cup 2012 app is best for you. Not only does it give you live streaming but also allows you to mark your favorite team and get all their updates. Additionally, you can also vote your favorite players and get to know the position from which the players are going to play.
With all the crazy load-shedding in Pakistan, this app comes handy every time there’s a chance you might miss the match. Download it from the Playstore for Android and from the Appstore for Apple.
Enjoy! And let us know just how cool you find it!

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