Wall’s vs Omore – Which Is Your Favorite Brand?

Summer season in Pakistan sees a lot of brands from the food industry (especially beverage/juice/ice-cream) invest in extensive campaigns. This year, like many previous ones, saw Wall’s and Omore competing with one another for the number one spot. Despite fierce competition, both have come up with awesome marketing activities, using a well-spread media mix.

On the digital domain, Wall’s Page Share Happy has over 114,000 fans whereas Omore’s page has over 94,000 fans. That’s a pretty close call. However, post frequency on Wall’s page has an average of 2 days whereas Omore posts at an average of 8 hours. Despite this striking contrast, Wall’s has an over 5500 people talking about it whereas Omore has an average of 900. this obviously shows that the overall trend of Wall’s likeability and engagement on social media has been more effective.
But that does not suggest an ultimate winner as many contests/competitions have shown Omore’s Art of Happiness page to be more popular than Wall’s. Moreover, with many concepts rolled out this Summer including Magic Hat and the pretty popular tagline ‘No Shashka Just Chaska!’ Omore has kept the audience well on board.
Other brands from Wall’s and Omore’s umbrellas are competing on digital media too:
Cornetto is trying to engage fans with the Cornetto Fruity-Yo Contest which gives them a chance to win an HTC Explorer and other prizes as such, by answering a simple question. All a fan needs to do is see a video and tell how many times the Cornetto Fruity-Yo un-wrapped. Simple idea, interesting execution.
Magnum has got  ‘a day without pleasure is a day lost’ idea going and has been giving it an all-round ATL and BTL push. to engage fans a Magnum Opus Quiz was conducted which gave away Samsung Galaxy Y and a Samsung Galaxy Tab to the fans who answered the questions asked in the weekly quiz using the clues provided by the brand. Simple rules, big gifts.

Omore’s Omore Buzz, on the other hand, is using a Facebook miscrosite with an immensely beautiful design. Most of the tabs are ‘coming soon’ right now but the first activity that’s been launched is the RJ Khalid MixUp Contest, which has a mass appeal. All a participant needs to do is submit a playlist of your favorite songs. If Rj Khalid likes your submission, you get to win a cool T-shirt or breakfast with the Rj. simple concept, awesome design.
Here’s the update on both the brands’ digital marketing. Now, you guys decide which one’s your favorite in this heat and share your choices with us!

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4 Responses to "Wall’s vs Omore – Which Is Your Favorite Brand?"

  1. Bushra Hameed says:

    For me the winner has and always will be Wall’s!

  2. Ali Nasir says:

    Interesting Critique. In my opinion, Omore has better integrated all mediums than Wall’s. Omore’s ATL and BTL push is more extensive than Wall’s and my vote, therefore, also stands with Omore. Especially since Omore came a lot later in the market and did not really get a first mover’s advantage which Wall’s got. Even after that if Omore is competing effectively and profitably with Wall’s i think its worth applause.

  3. adnan says:

    i like walls products and prefer it on omore products

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