Haroon Shahid talks about SYMT, Coke Studio and Bramerz [Exclusive Interview]

With season 5 of Coke Studio the band SYMT and their lead singer Haroon Shahid, have been quite in the spotlight. SYMT, while still establishing themselves in the music Industry, have sung two songs for Coke Studio and both have received an amazing response from the fans. Both their songs namely, Tum Kaho (which is an original production of SYMT entirely) and Koi Labda which features Sanam Marvi have achieved over thousands of views in only a matter of few weeks.
Haroon Shahid, being a team member of Bramerz has give the team of B-Log an exclusive interview in which he talkes about his band SYMT, the experience of Coke Studio and Bramerz as an organization. Read forward!
Q1. How and when did SYMT come into being?
Symt came into being in early 2010 when it launched it’s debut single ‘Zamana’ with a video. Hassan Omer (guitars) and I have known each other since the past 10 years and have been playing/learning the art together since. The best part is that we are also neighbors which has always helped us sit together for countless hours composing and writing our music. Farhan Ali (bass) joined us in 2011 as a band member and has been a great addition both in the studio as well as a part of our live act which we as a band take a lot of pride in.
Q2. Apart from Coke Studio, what do you consider to be SYMT’s major accomplishment(s)?
Apart from Coke Studio, we take pride in our double nomination at the 10th Lux Style Awards and having the opportunity to perform on the event last year. We’re also part of the Ufone Uth Records Live Shows for which we were contracted even before we were signed for Coke Studio, largely due to the good reputation we had for our live acta. We all come from a middle class background and like a select few we’ve stuck at doing what we dreamt of, regardless of the social and financial pressures we faced. In fact that’s what we actually consider our biggest achievement and probably will always remain so=)

Q3. How was the experience of Coke Studio for SYMT?
Coke Studio was an amazing experience and for us the best part was that we recorded our songs in two takes each which we are really proud of and feel that it was probably because of this that both the songs we recorded got aired whereas there were others who unfortunately missed out.
Q4. How has Coke Studio changed your life/your attitude towards success/music?
With being on Coke Studio the exposure you get builds your reputation up but that also builds a lot of expectation from the audience for an artists follow up work as well. So we have a lot of work and long nights ahead in the studio as a band. So in short Coke Studio has basically pushed us at the deep end and we know that there’s a lot of work ahead to stay afloat.

Q5. How has Bramerz as an organization inspired you to pursue your passion for Music forward?
I joined Bramerz at the end of 2010 and I must admit that the initial few months I did feel a little lost. Working in the client servicing section, I felt unsettled which probably inspired me to write ‘har kissay nu mukamal jahan nai milda’=) Upon communicating my concerns, I got shifted to the Creative section which is what I truly enjoy doing and creative concepts are what I love working on.
I owe a lot to Bramerz for where my band stands today.Dealing with clients for Bramerz has provided me with much insight as to how major brands in Pakistan operate and this takeaway has been a source of great learning for me. With a degree in Public Policy, I could not have had a good blend of corporate and creative without Bramerz at my back.
As an artist it gives me a lot of insight as to what a client looks for in terms of content and makes me better target what the audience wants to hear. So all in all looking at myself, I can vouch for the fact the BRAMERZ certainly ‘Helps you go BIG’!!!  Never has my boss not supported my passion for music or not given me a leave for my musical agendas! :-) It also feels great when the company head asks you ‘woh billboard par aap hee hain na=)?” All in all, Bramerz has most certainly helped make me polish my musical skills and strengthened my understanding of how a creative concept flows.

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