Pakistan’s Fashion Industry and Social Media Marketing: An Analysis

The retail and wholesale sector in Pakistan was worth about $40 billion in fiscal year 2012, and has been growing at 5.3% in real (inflation-adjusted) terms for the past five years, much faster than overall economic growth during that period. Parallel to this trend in consumerism, Digital Marketing in Pakistan has also been on the rise which has resulted in the Fashion Industry (specifically formal and informal lawn brands), fast accepting this unique phenomenon.
Also, with the Ramazan on the go; Eid approaching in the near future and summers near their destined end, many new clothing brands have gone active and are advertising their Eid collection and Summer Sales on Facebook vigorously. So much so, that as per my calculations, one in every ten recommendations/sponsored stories or ads I see, are related to a clothing brand.
The point of this post, however, is not to boast about the Fashion Industry’s growth, which most of us are already familiar with. What is particularly praise-worthy is the fact that whether it be established brands like Kayseria, Khaadi and Gul Ahmed, or newly launched premium brands like Sana Safinaz or Asim Jofa, or relatively smaller designer names like Rang Ja, The Working Woman, Mariam Aziz and Echo all can be found actively on Facebook. The growing trend of online queries and locating stores, if not e-purchases, have also seen a tremendous rise which is understandable considering  females make up 31% of Pakistan’s Facebook population of almost 7 Million and the age group from 18-34 years makes 76% of the said population. These stats quite clearly infer that Digital has most certainly become an effective medium of transforming information and communicating with this industry’s target group.
In addition to the remarkable customer service most of the fashion brands in Pakistan are providing online, it is worthy to note that digital media has leveled the playing field for all brands, irrespective of their sizes. In essence, the affordable average CPC of $0.20 and average CPM of $0.03 have given all sorts of brands the leverage to promote themselves and explore social media marketing for their advantage, especially if traditional mediums like billboards, print ads, TVCs etc are out of budget.
Keeping these stats and trends in mind, one can evidently conclude that digital and eventually mobile marketing has an immense potential for the Fashion Industry. If the growth trends continue to move in the same direction and at a similar pace, there should certainly be no stopping social media marketing from making brands re-allocate their budgets from traditional to online mediums. Do share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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  1. Haleema Ihsan says:

    Excellent Analysis! In my opinion, E-Commerce will also catch up in due time. We just need to give digital media time to flourish.

  2. Kaukab Abid says:

    Hi Sidra,

    I am writing a thesis on The Role of Social Media Marketing in the Fashion Industry of Pakistan. I would be grateful if you could give me your email address so that I can discuss a few things with you.


    Kaukab Abid

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