Angry Imran reaches Android App Store – Review

This is going to be a treat for Imran Khan fans. Angry Imran is an android game developed by ‘creatrixe’, as the name suggests it is a satirical representation of the pakistani political structure.
The game is derived from the same laws of physics as in the world famous title ‘angry birds’ by Rovio studios. Even the gameplay is the very same.
We can’t help but compare the two as the only difference would be the context. Whereas angry birds has highly refined graphics graphics and beautifully constructed smoothness, angry imran seems like a novices attempt. The user interface is neither solid nor fluid enough to make into a superior experience.
So what is it that is making the game into into a solid hit, with 50,000+ downloads in a matter of two months alone?  First off we really can’t be that hard with the critique as it is only in its beta stages. Secondly it was never intended to be an awesome game but a well struck critique for the educated youth of Pakistan about their politically volatile country, imran khan being the only hope (according to the developer), for it to last.
Recently about three days ago a newer version of the game got released on the Google play store, boasting better graphics and gameplay. Though still not up to the mark but a better effort nonetheless. It does tell us how much the educated is against the government system as of now.
If you want to have some fun, give this app a shot.

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