Mountain Dew Pakistan’s Social Media Presence

Mountain Dew Pakistan is one of the most promising Facebook Pages out there today. The Page carries in itself the same appeal that mountain dew has cultivated as a brand over the years.
Imagining a green bottle popping open with a thrust of energy, yeah that’s Dew no doubt, the Facebook Page gives you the very same feel. The creators and developers behind the Page have worked hard to keep the branding strategy intact. Targeting the young filled with adrenaline the Page uses interactive strategies to pull in the interest of the users.
Facebook users are attracted by a wide range of activities and fun filled questionnaires, there are a lot of giveaways for Mountain ‘Dewers’ a term coined by the witty marketeers. Mountain Dew Pakistan launched its Page with a fun idea ‘dew me a wish’. Users were encouraged to post in their wishes, a poll was taken and in return, the company put up the gadgets at real prices for those those who were able to get most of the interaction on the Page. The number of fans increased dramatically. The giveaways were nice such as iPod nano, PSP, Samsung Galaxy y, Htc Explorer, external Hard Drives drives etc. Etc . The bumper prise being an XBOX 360. It was termed as the war of maximum likes.
Mountain dew has shown a keen interest in extreme sports, extreme action, and extreme extreme adventure. Hence being foremost patrons to movies such as The Avengers and most recently The Dark Night Rises. New gift schemes were brought into play as these movies were screened, free movie tickets were just for starters.
So, what do you guys think about Mountain Dew’s social media presence on Facebook?

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