Nestle Fruita Vital Goes ‘Royal’

Nestlé’s strategy for Nestlé Fruita Vitals has been fair, simple and fruitful – Pure fruit, Pure energy, Pure juice.
In the recent month we saw a new campaign with the introduction of pomegranate juice to the fruita vitals line. It kicked off with a teaser and spread its flavor in a month’s time. With a tag line ‘Go Royal’ Nestlé was able to breakthrough their young, fun and sporty strategy into something more serious, classy and extravagant. The crown on the fruit effectively expressed the theme visually making the concept quiet clear. With the use of historical facts and pictorial evidence Nestlé has been able to build an exotic and regal image for itself. Associations with the Mughal emperors, Queen of England and Hollywood royalties blends perfectly well with the concept.
A Facebook Application has also been launched on the page which is based on a simple premise – the user has to upload a picture, customize it with royal accessories available in the app and submit it! The giveaways on the App are as monarchial and classy as the character of pomegranate itself in example, a chance to win a drive in Mercedes Benz with an exclusive spa treatment and a gourmet dinner for two.
The fonts, the product, the branding and the viauals all blend together in harmony as a fine piece of art. For Nestlé its yet another victory.

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