Study shows that thousands have purchased fake Twitter followers

Interested in being popular on the internet? Who doesn’t, in the fast paced internet junkie world of today we all want our fair/unfair share of recognition, don’t we?  Just as in the days of Myspace users could buy friends, purchase songs and find apps that mass messaged users, twitter has been looped into the same game.
These popularity scams have been in practice over twitter for some time now. According to a Research done by barracuda labs where the data was recorded and analyzed over a period of 75 days for three test Twitter accounts astonishing results were found. The earliest fake twitter account was found to be dating back to 15th January 2007. Since then the numbers have been increasing like wild fire. The study found at least 11,238 twitter users that have purchased more than 72,000 fake twitter followers.
That is big money we are talking here for the individuals and the companies managing the fake accounts and selling their followings. Considering if someone is managing 20,000 fake accounts then they are prone to make as much as $800 per day for seven days a week.
The average price of buying 1000 followers is $18. There are 20 eBay sellers and 58 websites (within top 100 returns of searching “buy twitter followers” in Google) where people can buy (fake) followers 53% of Abusers (those users who bought followers) have 4,000-26,000 followers. The average number of following for a fake account is 1,799.

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