What Social Media Marketing is doing for Burger Hub

Burger Hub is a proud example of what social media marketing can do for relatively smaller brands. This burger house has captured attention online and managed to gather an audience of almost Forty Thousand Facebook Fans in only a few months.
The page is interactive and the page management keeps the page up to date with latest news and menu changes. Fans are kept engaged with the page by prompt responses to their questions and queries. Content managers also continue to share laughter and tips with their fans which gives the page a human feel. One spots them sharing facts about burgers and their ingredients, latest offers, new introductions, menus, special treats etc. Fans can give their suggestions for new dishes which should be added in the menu, if you are in a majority you might just find burger hub presenting you with your heart’s desire. They have been using little giveaways and meals to active users with a special gift hamper for the 40,000th fan, and sharing answers to ‘why you love burger hub?’ and a reply with most likes to win burger meals.
All in all, a tasty page for Lahoris like myself for a casual old school burger.

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  1. Ali Nasir says:

    This is what social media does: gives small brands a chance to compete with bigger brands. Burger Hub is an excellent example of just this.

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