TU Me: The Timeline way to Text, Talk and Share

Telefoníca has been working hard to make sure it remains a part of the cutting edge technology provider. The latest trend is the launch of a new app TU Me, which will see consumers taking a big step away from its traditional paid business model to free of charge text, voice calls, messages, location and photo sharing (except data usage or wifi).

The company says it has plans to introduce further direct to consumer services under the TU brand. We are not sure what they might be, but Telefoníca describes it as “enhanced communication services which it’s O2, movistar and vivo businesses will make available to customers as part of their bundles.
The app works similar to whatsapp and skype pushed together in the same programming. It is a cross platform easy-to-use, highly addictive and nicely blended app, which is now available between iphone, android and soon blackberry. The location sharing abilities open possibilities for location-based advertising. Another area for revenue generation for TU me is storage: the apps data is cloud-based and offers data storage also.
The app has all the right ingredients to turn itself into a top app for all the communication needs. The only need now would be to keep up with the pace of an ever changing internet world.

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