How To: Manage and Improve Engagement on your Brand’s Facebook Page

If you wish to excel in Facebook Page Management, keep the following list of rules handy and ensure that you apply them accurately:
1. Schedule posts in advance:

Facebook recently added a little tool by the name of ‘Schedule’ which can automatically update posts, photos and videos by setting up the date and time earlier. Click here to give it a try.
2. Competition Rules:

Facebook does not allow competitions running on Facebook tabs such as ‘likes’. Business owners should use third party apps for it and use competitions to provide mileage to their pages.
3. Running Competition:

Businesses can run their competitions on apps such as Wildfire, SnapApp, Vertigo, Woobox etc. The format of the competition then depends on the app.
4. Invite Personal Friends:

Admins can invite their personal friends who share the same interest of the page by going to ‘Build Audience’.
5. Multiple Admins:

Multiple admins is an efficient way of keeping an eye on your business and letting your employees run the page for you.
6. Managing Admin Roles:

Facebook gives you the option to assign different roles to different employees running the Facebook page. There are five different roles to choose from which are Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insight Analyst.
7. Promote Status Updates:

Facebook uses ‘Edgerank'; an algorithm which decides who views your content, depending on who engages most with the page. Businesses can use ‘promote this post’ by paying to Facebook so the post is seen by everyone who likes your page.
8. Change User:

You can comment, like and share posts as the page/brand itself. Always beware of what you are posting as ‘the business page’ or your personal profile.
9. Recommendation Box:

In order to use the recommendation facility business have to fill in the ‘about’ section with the exact address.
10. Targeting Posts:

Target your posts to specific demographics by language and location. Facebook can also translate your posts automatically in the native language if you desire.
11. WordPress Blog Posting:

Many businesses maintain WordPress blogs, acknowledging that Facebook lets you share your blog posts with your business page.
12. Know when to Post:

Use ‘Analytics’ to figure out when your post can reach the maximum number of users. Experiment with different timings so you know the best time(s) for your particular brand.
13. SEO Optimization:

Don not treat your Facebook page as a secondary web presence for you business. Optimize you business page for better searchability.

14. Give clear ‘Call to Action’

Tell fans what to do when they see your post. If you’re looking to get Likes on a post, all you have to do is ask. The same goes for comments — outright saying “post,” “comment” or “tell us” motivates fans to engage. If you’re seeking answers, put a simple “where” or “when” or “would” question at the end of the post — you’ll get 15% more engagement than if the question is buried in the middle.
15. Pinning you Posts:

You can pin the older posts to appear on top of the page by prioritizing them. You can also readjust your images to you fancy inside the frame.
16. Mobile Apps:

Download ‘Facebook Pages’ a small app for smartphones. It lets admins manage their accounts and pages through a mobile device.
17. Create Milestones:

Creating milestones in your company profile to give your brand a feeling of heritage and to connect your customers more personally . You can feature important moments for your business such as when the brand was  founded, possible awards won, team members added and a significant number of fans reached.
18. Remove Posts by ‘Others':

To help fight spam on your page go to admin panel and then go to manage permissions in which you may un-check post visibility. This way, even when you miss out on some spam posts, the page won’t show spam to the viewer.
19. Merging Fan Page and Personal Profile:

You can change your personal profile into a business page with ‘create a page’ and then migrate. All your personal friends become your fans but beware as all your previous fans will stop displaying.
20. Design your Cover Photo:

The cover photo is the face of your business page. The ideal photo is 851px X 351px but at least 399px is required. Try to go as creative with it as possible. Remember, now as the default landing page is your brand’s Facebook page itself (and not a design which welcomes fan on board), 80% of the times your Cover Photo will be the reason why people hit that ‘like’ button. So, it should convey the feel of your brand brilliantly and highlight what all a fan can experience/achieve through your Facebook Page.

Did we miss out on something? A tip or rule maybe? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Muhammad Mustafa says:

    Most companies do forget the human element, thinking they can post whatever rushed material and it not concern what they customers really want or need. Good Post!

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