Top ways to Increase Engagement on Social Media

Generally we have seen that the success rate of a social media page is dependent on the amount of likes it boasts, for obvious reasons. There are a host of underhanded ways used to gather fake likes and followers, but building an audience organically is the only long term survival strategy survival for brand and businesses. Here are five quick tips to help you make the most with your engagement.


Posting links is all well and good, but the true engagement comes with a mixed bag of updates. Post videos, make statements, crack a joke, add photos and ask questions. Just make sure you deny monotony, and it will set you well on your way.

Know your Audience

Always keep in mind your demographics. You can use first or third party analytic to do your research. Update your social media based on age, location, gender and profession. This adjustment to your content can play a major role in appealing to your audience.


Find out the best time to update your page. Research has shown that early afternoon is probably the best time to post, because it increases the chances of impressions greatly. Make sure you research your analytics properly to identify how your audience behaves. Experiment with different timings so you know the best time to place your updates.

Be Consistent; don’t Spam

Be consistent with the intervals with which you update your social media. Inconsistency results in the loss of interest on the viewers’ part, and in return a dead page. On the other hand it is also important to well space out your tweets and posts, getting in the spam category wouldn’t help your cause.


Really this is a twitter and Instagram specific tip, but don’t underestimate how valuable hashtags can be. Not only do hashtags provide context but also gives random users to discover your context. One hashtag is enough so don’t spam users by throwing in every hashtag you can think of.
Are there any other tips that you guys would like to share with us?

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  1. Muhammad Mustafa says:

    In Pakistan, the trend I’ve seen doesn’t really allow brands to post as frequently on their Facebook Page as brands abroad.

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