Engagement vs. Selling on social media. Case study of Nestle Nesvita

Nestle Nesvita has been one of the most successful brands on Social Media and has often received excellent reviews for its digital performance. A Pakistani blogger by the name of Yasir Saeed in his blog Social Media Marketing news & scoops has written the following article on Nesvita’s campaign: Women of Strength 2012 in which he explores how this particular brand chooses to engage with its target audience on social media. Do give it a read –

Quality content, visuals, facts, figures, and anything that interests your target market. If you are a consumer good company, give facts about the ingredients of your products to your fans. They would LOVE to hear these from you.
Let us talk about Nestle Nesvita’s campaign on Facebook. The target market is intellectual females that want to become valuable parts of societies. Nesvita is a low fat and high calcium dairy product range by Nestle exclusively for women (although males are permitted to use too :P ).
With Mahira Khan as the brand ambassador of Nestle Nesvita, one would expect everything from this brand:

  • Trust of fans that love Mahira Khan
  • Trust on Nestle’s Brand Nesvita
  • Engagement with posts
  • Tips and tricks for women to be strong in society
  • Health facts

Here is one of the posts made on October 12 2012, having thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Watch that all of the posts are by females (prime target audience of Nesvita).
To me, this is the truest definition of content:
Notice how viral the post went. All females are commenting about their experiences and the bravest things that they have done, in fact, even appreciating other women of their types in comments.
Women are inclined to this brand to learn more about how to become brave in this society. The quote in this post is motivating enough for several loyal fans of this brand to keep on posting.
Businesses simply “want to sell” online just because they see a huge market. This is a very wrong approach. First, build a loyal and engaging audience just like Nestle Nesvita is doing in this page. Use content plus visuals and images to engage audience to buy your product.
Content is the most powerful tool for developing long-lasting relationships. Educate, excite, inspire and add value to your visitors by using powerful words. When you create engaging content with images and facts, your fans are going to talk about your business.
I count majorly on the instincts of customers, who are “always right.” I rely on inbound marketing, which is based upon creating interactive content and persuading target market toward your brand. What we have learned from Nestle is that shouting isn’t going to work at all. It is direct engagement with customers that eventually leads towards the success of businesses.
What are your views on this post?

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