Tell McDonald’s your ‘Joy on the Go’ and WIN Fabulous Prizes

One of the most famous brand to adapt to social media in Pakistan is McDonald’s. One of the leading fast food chains across the world has finally arrived to fully explore the possibilities of social marketing. Though a bit of a late starter but it seems McDonald’s came with a plan, coupled with an aggressive advertising to target its customers at a brand new level of interactivity. With the right mix of updates, giveaways and an interestingly popular Facebook Application McDonald’s is claiming its proud standing in social media marketing.
In the past few month McDonald’s started advertising its official Facebook page for Pakistan, luring their target audience for a giveaway campaign known as “joy on the go”. A simple Facebook app where fans wrote in why McDonald’s drive through is their joy on the move. The participants with the most likes for their story were awarded some awesome prizes like ipad3, ipods and meal vouchers.
There is a healthy amount of activity/engagement going on the page and the interaction is giving off a positive vibe. Moreover the page is pretty responsive to the questions and queries put forward by its fans, but more effort is needed to make sure the brands puts forward a more communicative image, thus strengthening a bond between the fans and McDonald’s.
With this application, McDonald’s has definitely arrived on the Pakistan’s internet marketplace and it would be interesting to see how revolutionary the company gets once it settles its initial online pitch.

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6 Responses to "Tell McDonald’s your ‘Joy on the Go’ and WIN Fabulous Prizes"

  1. Sameer Ali says:

    I have participated in the Application. Thank You :)

  2. Ramisha Khan says:

    Heyy.. well im almost your daily customer, and everytime i come to McDonald’s the best part about it is entering into the Drive-Thru car line. OMG the moment my car enters the Drive-Thru my excitement reaches to the top of its height. Then those mesmerizing advertisements through out those 5 minutes of Drive-Thru tempts me badly from inside. And i am already ur VIP customer of Drive-Thru so sometimes i get some special offers so i enjoy that a lot too.
    Well for me McDonald’s was always the best, it is the best and it will always remain. :)

  3. Arif Nazeer says:

    Nice analysis.

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