7 Responses to "Telenor’s Campaign ‘IDEA for PAKISTAN’ on Social Media"

  1. Salman Tahir says:

    Excellent Review. Wish Youtube gets unblocked in Pakistan soon so that official channels can again be used for marketing purposes.
    Also, Sidra, would it be okay if I used it forward in my blog, with due credits?

  2. that is very nice overview
    here I have some more info to share with you. the telenor’s fb page has more than 200k fans, I am fully agree that great number of fans show that they are doing very well but their social media working is very bad if the “talking about” is less than 30%. As according to facebook company strategy whatever you share on your page show to the 20% of your fans by default and if you want to prevail this message to more people then you have to pay in form of ads “promote” link you can find in the end of right side of every thing which you post.

    so here is my point that your message is gone to the 20% of people by default and if only 20% are talking about your content then what you’ve done specially?
    in case of Telenor you can see their talking about are less than even 10% so I hope so you can understand my point of view now. Social Media is a two way communication not one way and by the way getting fans is not a tough game here. you can earn lots of fans in a day just few days by giving ad etc.

    Now you can check the fans of Ufone page, more than 917k but their talking about are also less than 10%.

    Always remember in social media the real strength is not your page’s fans but the people who like, comment, share on your content.

    Now you can check my fb page fb.com/ilmkidunya

    for any further discussion on social media you can communicate to me at media@ilmkidunya.com as its my favorite topic to discuss

    • Sidra Zia says:

      Thank you for your elaborate response Muhammad Abid Ayub! Appreciate the detail and insight you have put forward! Yes, I agree that Facebook Engagement is more important than the number of Facebook Fans! Your point of view has been duly noted and I think many brands in Pakistan need to understand that!

    • Sidra Zia says:

      Also, you may want to read up other analytical posts that I have written in this blog. Would very much want to have your input on them too!

  3. Sheikh Waqas says:

    Hey Sidra, A wonderful job done by you. I am using some of the lines from this document for the proposal thingy. infact if you can email me we can discuss some blog thingy.. if that suits you..

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