Land Rover Pakistan’s Marketing Adventure

Land Rover is an expression of adventure and sturdiness powered with an uncompressed performance. Land Rovers’ are respected throughout the world as adventure vehicles. The brand speaks for itself not only because of the performance but also because of the great effort put in by the marketing team, which makes sure the high class, high performance SUVs get the respect they very well deserve.
Land Rover was launched in Pakistan by Sigma Motors back in 2002. The luxury SUV brand has been in delivering unmatched quality for Pakistani consumers ever since. At the start of 2012 Land Rover rolled out their Facebook Page for Pakistan. The page was enjoyed and welcomed by the fans as much as the SUVs themselves. Though the brand enjoyed its luxury status, but their was a great challenge for the social media marketing team to bridge the gap between economically unstable market of Pakistan and luxury motor vehicles without hurting the brand image, rather adding to it.
The social media team had to think out of the box, which they did and made the facebook fan page for Land Rover Pakistan act as a conversing point for adventure enthusiasts. The page succeeded in building an audience out of Pakistani masses by intelligently utilizing the kinship factor many Pakistani’s enjoy with the brand.
The page offered a sense of pride for old Rover owners by asking their fans to submit their adventure shots with their SUVs. In return fans boasted their cars and their sense of achievement through the page. Competitions were held for these participants with Land Rover official giveaways and merchandise. Pictures of the old and new models were showcased to encourage fans to participate and celebrate their triumphs. The page also advertised their latest launches, new models and concept cars, therefore declaring new technological advancements and everlasting trust.
We think Land Rover has done a good job in leaving its mark on over 60,000 Pakistani fans. What about you?

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