Calculate Facebook’s ROI and Sale Conversion with a Tracking Tool

It has been a prominent question since the boom of social media in 2008: Is Facebook driving any sales? If yes then, how many? Advertisers and online retailers until now had only been tracking number of clicks and assuming a conversion rate, based on the number of sales.
Now there is a new tool on the market which promises to deliver answers to such questions. The conversion tracking tool is a simple string of a unique code which can be added to the pages of your website. Assuming the code is embedded to the page which shows up after completing an order, every time someone lands on the page via a Facebook ad, it registers as a conversion in the ad managers console.
Though the tool is currently in beta stages, a spokesperson said the tool would be officially announced by the end of this month. The tool will let business owners and marketeers analyse if advertising on Facebook is more cost efficient as compared to other forms of online advertising, such as sponsored search results.
Facebook currently boasts approximately One Billion users. The success of the company’s ad model has already faced criticism. As more and more people are inclined towards accessing social media via mobile devices, which generates lesser revenues as compared to the desktop for Facebook, vital steps should be taken if Facebook wants to stay on top of the food chain. This tool will also decipher whether these concerns are justified or not.

Are you guys excited about this tool? Do you think it’ll be useful and accurate?

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