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Brands today are choosing Social Media as one of their lead marketing tools. Businesses however small or large are expected to have a social media presence. The platform is powerful with vast range of possibilities and to make the most of what it has to offer you must have a pre-defined plan for your venture into social media. Here are a couple of guidelines to help you get the best out of it:

  • Goals: Before committing to social media you must question what is it that you want to achieve with it for your brand or business. Do you want to derive sales, create new business connections, serve as customer care or just reach out to new consumers? Your overall goal with this domain should help you build your strategy.
  • Audience: Figuring your target audience helps you achieve better results. Whether your brand focuses on B2B or B2C transactions, your demographics are important. Your target market can be determined by age, location, gender, interest, profession etc. Reaching out to everyone is a bad idea, make sure you reach consumers which actually take an interest in your services or products.
  • Organization: The social media universe encompasses a number of platforms to choose from, such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, foursquare, Instagram, pitted etc. Each one of these have their own unique way of communication and are effective in marketing your brand. Look into how these platforms work and choose the ones which cater to your needs. Beware not to invest your time on more then three social media accounts for your brand. If you go overboard the workload can become unbearable and an ill-maintained social media profile is the last thing you want.
  • Engagement: Make sure you take out time for social media in your schedule. Social media pages need constant updating and engagement to make the most it. If you are not in a position to take your time out or hire a separate resource for the job, check with your employees and manage their timetable which supports their workload but do not over burden them, but in case you can support it then hire a social media agency.
  • Communication: Be careful with the tone you adapt for your communications on your social media page. If you are using social media as customer service, use formal language, but in case of self promotion it is better to add quirky comments and engaging material peppered with mild jokes.
  • Measurement: Every social media website encompasses insights for you to measure your progress on. You may also find third party analytic software’s for better insights, complete with charts and figures.
  • Strategy: Social media should be considered an extension of your marketing strategy. When planning a large campaign make sure your social media pages complement your overall strategy.
  • Tactics: When working with employees put together a brief and precise social media policy, so they understand clearly what is acceptable and what isn’t. also, don’t forget to give a clear CTA (Call To Action) as eventually, that will determine your conversion rate.

So what techniques and methods have you found that are delivering the best results? Please share them with us so that we can include them in our checklist.

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  1. Haider says:

    I believe timing of the post and doing a thorough audience analysis is also important. Also, thanks to Edgerank, the reach of posts have decreased so the above mentioned tactics need must be applied to ensure that engagement takes place.

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