Pizza Hut Pakistan’s Social Media Presence [An Analysis]


Pizza Hut is an international fast food chain specializing in pizzas off course. Pizza hut launched its first franchise in Pakiatan back in the late 90’s and it can probably be rightly concluded that they settled the trend for pizza lovers across the nation.
248657_319018601532506_888304571_nWith growing popularity and rivals springing up left right and center, Pizza Hut customized their menus to adapt to the taste of the desi population. The brand seems well aware on how to penetrate through and through to the youth of Pakistan, by using social media effectively. Pizza Hut’s Facebook Page has been around for quiet some time now, boasting a staggering 5,00,000 fans. The brand has managed to engage a wide range Facebook users, keeping the page alive and interactive with proper and timely responses to any comments and questions.
The page encourages you to share your pizza hut memories and is a home to various promotional activities. Fans are also  updated with new deals and promotions. Pizza hut also offers various page activities with rewards and prizes from time to time. All this interactivity leads users to form a personal bond between the brand and the pizza community alike.
Pizza hut has done a good job in penetrating through to its target audience, and the Facebook page seems to have the key ingredients to retain their fans,just as their pizzas. don’t forget to share your opinions with us!

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