What Graph Search means for the Industry and Marketers?


Facebook has constantly been tweaking its  services and merging latest technologies to their social media website. Continuing with this legacy, Facebook recently introduced yet another utility called ‘Graph Search’. Graph search gives results on the basis of the data which is stored around its users pages such as their interests  the music they listen to, the books they read, the places they eat, the places they work etc. The fields of search include relationships like “friends” “family” or “my wife” and you can pair those terms with the elements within Facebook like “books” “music” “photos”, and you can also filter your results by date.It  allows users to interact with each other a lot more closely and with an addition of check-in location based service you can easily find your friends for a quick hang out.
What does Graph Search mean for the Industry?
The Graph Search is entirely based on your social network and thus remains a social experience. Searching the web for information doesn’t (and shouldn’t  be social. So, does it pose a threat to Web Search? Probably not. Although Google Plus has altered search results, but they aren’t limiting your results based on your network. In our opinion, Graph Search is going to change the overall functionality and use of Facebook as a network as users can now use it for reviews and recommendations too. Therefore, graph search may pose a threat to referral websites like Yelp!, LinkedIn and Foursquare.
What does this mean for marketers?
Graph Search presents a huge opportunity for referral business, but only if your customers are happy enough to share their experience with you on Facebook. Check-Ins at Graph search will also help businesses to build upon their referrals as every check-in now becomes way more likely to be checked and seen. With Graph Search comes the new Promoted Results feature which will allow you to buy a place among specific search results. If you have a big advertising budget for Facebook there are some really great opportunities to get attention from a very specific audience. 
If graph search is going to be successful, then it depends on the behavior of the users. If the users are not comfortable with sharing their data and see it as a security risk, graph search won’t be remembered much. But what potential business applications — and risks — do you see for Facebook Graph Search? Let us know.

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