Social, Digital and Mobile in Pakistan (as of Jan, 2013)

Back in December, 2012 We are Social published a report on Social, Digital and Mobile in Asia where they published a presentation on Pakistan. One of the most striking findings in this report was that mobile is not the driver behind the internet revolution in Pakistan as fewer than 20% of Pakistan’s internet users log on via mobile devices.
However, in their second edition of the report on Pakistan (published in January) We are Social has un-veiled the following report:


Here are the crucial headlines:

  • Pakistan has almost 30 million internet users, although penetration remains low at just 15%;
  • Social Media use has grown by almost 50% since our last report, passing 8 million monthly users in the past couple of weeks;
  • Mobile continues to grow quickly, with the country’s telcos adding more than 1 million new subscriptions each month in 2012.
  • Two thirds of Pakistan’s 190 million inhabitants are below the age of 30, which shows a young and dynamic population. Also, two thirds of the country’s Facebook users are below the age of 25, and more than half of them come from the country’s richest 10% of households, resulting in a highly concentrated social media audience of young, affluent consumers.
  • 80% of Pakistanis spend more than one hour each day on the internet, although the average ‘internet session’ lasts just 5 minutes.
  • Mobile penetration still remains relatively low however, at just over 60% – well below Asia’s regional average of 82%. Mobile internet usage remains sparse, and just 15 million people in the country access internet services via mobile, even though the government reports that 64% of the population has the potential to access mobile internet services.
  • Social media penetration also remains acutely low, with barely 4% of the country’s population using Facebook.
  • Social media remains a largely male preserve too, with men accounting for almost 70% of the country’s social media users.
  •  A new Facebook user is added in Pakistan at a rate of one every 12 seconds.
  • Nearly three quarters of these users log in to Facebook daily too, and spend an average of 40 minutes on the site each day, mostly between 6pm and midnight.
  • Twitter users hover around the 2 million mark.
  • A new mobile subscription is made every 2 seconds in Pakistan, resulting in growth of 46,500 new subscriptions every day.
  • Of those who already access the internet via mobile, 75% do so via Symbian-powered devices, and most people in Pakistan continue to rely on feature phones.
  • Lack of 3G coverage may play a role in the slow uptake of mobile internet, and extending the coverage of these faster networks beyond today’s paltry 0.4% of the population would likely boost the country’s online connectivity.

These numbers all point to significant opportunities for growth though, so Pakistan is certainly another one to watch for 2013.

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